Winery tour

Yarra Valley

Adult rate: A$170
Child rate: A$120

Departure: ¬9:20   Return: ¬14:30

Tour Content:

  • Tasting delicious local wines at award winning wineries

  • Tour of Chandon

  • Assorted charcuterie board (light meal)

Tour Conditions: 

  • Minimum number of participants:Three or more people. But even one person can participate.  (For chartered tours, it depends on the number of people, or there will be an extra charge, so please contact us separately.)

  • Free for children under 3 years old. Child prices  for children over 3 years old and under 12 years old.

  • Meal is at own cost (~$20-35).

  • Payment on day of tour is accepted. A 5% flat fee will be charged for card payments.





Melbourne City Departure


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Winery 1


Winery  2


* The first winery will be selected from the following three depending on the season *

Coldstream Hill / with tasting

It features high quality wines that have won awards in various contests. A boutique winery located on a small hill. You can sample about 4 kinds of wine.
* 1 Free shipping to Japan with the purchase of a dozen. (Usually $ 42 per 6 bottles)

St. Hooverts / with tasting

A cozy winery with a beautiful historical tasting room. You can also sample several wines at this winery in the heart of the Yarra Valley.
* 1 Free shipping to Japan with the purchase of a dozen. (Usually $ 42 per 6 bottles)

Oak Ridge / with tasting

A winery with a track record of being the best winery in the Yarra Valley. It is also popular for its wonderful views, and has a restaurant and a direct sales office. Here you can enjoy up to 8 different wines.

Domaine Chandon / 1 tasting included

Australia's most famous winery, produced by the well-established French company Moët & Chandon. Enjoy making sparkling wine and visiting the vault. For tastings here, you can choose one of your favorite wines from four varieties, including premium sparkling wines.

​Winery 3




​Winery 4


* The 4th winery will be selected from the following 2 depending on the season *

De Bortoli / with tasting

A historic winery that wins prizes in international wine competitions. There is also a restaurant and cheese shop on the vast grounds, so you can enjoy tasting while enjoying the scenery.

Jelling station / with tasting

A long-established winery that has won numerous awards since its inception, it offers a selection of prestigious wines. Yarra Bank Sparkling is especially popular, so please try it.

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