Phillip Island Penguin Tour

Phillip Island Penguin Tour

Adult rate: A$175
Child rate: A$120

Dep. Departure: 14:00   Fin. Return: ~21:30-23:30

Tour details:

  • Award-winning animal park 

  • Cute koalas / kangaroos

  • Feeding kangaroos and other animals

  • Chocolate factory 

  • View of beautiful bays, beaches and coasts

​ Optional:

  • If you would like to get a closer view of the penguins , you can book either Penguin Plus seats (outdoors) +A$29  per person extra charge or Underground  seats (Indoor) +A$ 49 extra charge.

  • Please contact us for more information and details.

Tour conditions:

  • Minimum number of participants:Three or more people. But even one person can participate.  (For chartered tours, it depends on the number of people, or there will be an extra charge, so please contact us separately.)

  • Free for children under 3 years old. 

  • Dinner is at guests own cost. (~$A20- $A35).

  • Payment on day of tour is accepted.  Additional $5 flat fee for for any credit card payments.

Loud penguin.jpeg


* Note: Penguins come out after sunset, therefore, our tour times will change based on the time of year (seasonal)

Melbourne City Departure

​- A local guide from Mr. John Tours will pick you up.

- We will do our best to ensure a great introduction to many of Melbourne's most popular sightseeing spots on our small group tours!  

~14:00 - 14:30

Animal Park

~15:30 - 16: 00

A wildlife park where you can see animals that are bred in a form close to the wild. You can meet cute Australian animals such as kangaroos, koalas, wombats, emu, and dingos. Enjoy interacting with animals and feeding experience (for a fee).

​Chocolate Factory

Visit the direct sales of a famous chocolate factory on Phillip Island. There is a wide selection of chocolates in the shape of penguins! You can also sample it, which is ideal for finding souvenirs.

~ 17:00 - 17: 30

その後、近くにある人気のサーフビーチの南海岸線をご案内します 。


19: 00 / 18: 00

We will guide you to a restaurant where you can enjoy exquisite steaks and fish and chips.

* Dinner is at Guest own cost (AS20-A$35).

Arrive at Penguin Center & Visit Penguin Parade

Finally, visit the penguins parade! You can see the penguins walking in a row, slipping on their stomachs, and moving in a row.
You can freely visit the Penguins Center.

~ 18:00 /  20:00

Arrive Back in Melbourne

Arrival in Melbourne  (Arrival time depends on the hotel.)

~21: 30-22: 30 /
~ 22: 00-23: 30