Phillip Island

Adult price: A $ 165
Child rate: A $ 115

Dep. Departure: 14:00   Fin. Return: Around 21: 30-23: 30

Tour content:

  • Award-winning zoo

  • Cute wombat / koala

  • Feeding kangaroos and other animals

  • Chocolate factory Naomiya store

  • View of beautiful bays and coasts

  • Guide to places where you can see penguins well-> You can see them all year round


  • If you want to see the penguins landing up close as an option, Penguins Plus (outdoor special bleachers) A $ 29 extra charge  ,  Underground (indoor seats looking at penguins) A $ 49 There is a surcharge. Please contact us for more information.

Tour conditions and circumstances:

  • Minimum number of participants:Three or more people. But even one person can participate.  (For chartered tours, depending on the number of people, there will be an extra charge, so please contact us separately)

  • Free for children under 3 years old and children for children 3 to 12 years old.

  • Supper fee is not included. It's my own (about $ 20-35).

  • You can pay on the day. A 5% fee will be charged for card payment.

Loud penguin.jpeg


Winter: April-September

Summer: October-March

* Note: The event will be held according to the sunset time, so the event time may change depending on the season. *


Departure from Melbourne

Winter: ~ 14: 00
Summer: ~ 14: 30

A Japanese guide from Mr. John Tours will pick you up.

A local guide led by Melbourne's famous guide, John, promises a heartwarming tour. We will efficiently introduce popular sightseeing spots on a small group tour ♪


​Natural zoo

Winter: ~ 15: 30
Summer: ~ 16: 00

A wildlife park where you can see animals that are bred in a form close to the wild. You can meet cute Australian animals such as kangaroos, koalas, wombats, emu, and dingos. Enjoy interacting with animals and the feeding experience (for a fee).


​Chocolate factory

Winter: ~ 17: 00
Summer: ~ 17: 30

Visit the direct sales of a famous chocolate factory on Phillip Island. There is a wide selection of chocolates in the shape of penguins! You can also sample it, which is perfect for finding souvenirs.



Winter: ~ 19: 00
Summer: ~ 18: 00

We will guide you to a restaurant where you can enjoy exquisite steaks and fish and chips.

* Please pay the dinner fee locally (AUS $ 15).


Arrive at Penguins Center & Visit Penguins Parade

Finally, visit the penguins parade! It's soothing to see the penguins walking in a row, slipping on their stomachs, and moving in a row ♪
You can freely visit the Penguins Center.

Winter: ~ 18: 00
Summer: ~ 20: 00


Arrival in Melbourne

Winter: ~ 21: 30-22: 30
Summer: ~ 22: 00-23: 30

Arrival in Melbourne  (Arrival time depends on the hotel.)