Great Ocean Road Tour-


Adult price: A $ 175
Child rate: A $ 115

Dep. Departure: 7: 30-8: 00   Fin. Return: Around 19:30

Tour content:

  • Great Ocean Road with a wonderful coastline

  • You can see wild koalas and kangaroos

  • Visit Otway National Park

  • A mysterious and beautiful landscape of strange rocks ​​

Tour conditions and circumstances:

  • Minimum number of participants:Three or more people. But even one person can participate.  (For chartered tours, depending on the number of people, there will be an extra charge, so please contact us separately)

  • Free for children under 3 years old and children for children 3 to 12 years old.

  • Supper fee is not included. It's my own (about $ 13-18).

  • You can pay on the day. A 5% fee will be charged for card payment.



Winter: April-September Summer: October-March
* Note: In the summer, we will guide you in the opposite direction to avoid a large number of tourists! *


Departure from Melbourne

7: 30AM-8: 00AM

A Japanese guide from Mr. John Tours will pick you up. A local guide led by Melbourne's famous guide, John, promises a heartwarming tour. We will efficiently introduce popular sightseeing spots on a small group tour ♪


Bells beach

Winter: ~ 10: 30
Summer: ~ 18: 15

We will guide you to the famous surfing spot "Bells Beach".


Wild kangaroo tour

Winter: ~ 11: 00
Summer: ~ 18: 00

Visit wild kangaroo habitats. Take a look at the pristine kangaroo, which is a bit different from the zoo.


Lone town

Winter: ~ 12: 00
Summer: ~ 17: 00

A resort town with stylish cafes, restaurants and small hotels. It's a city with a thriving art community, and it's a short break while gazing at the lovely scenery of the city.


Koala Forest

Winter: ~ 12: 30
Summer: ~ 15: 45

Look for wild koalas. You may be able to see koalas taking a nap on the tree!

joshua-sukoff-73_Hh6TUbfs-unsplash (1).j

Apollo Bay Town (Lunch)

Winter: ~ 13: 00
Summer: ~ 13: 45

Have lunch in the lovely seaside town of Apollo Bay. If you have time, enjoy the beautiful Apollo Bay Beach and stroll through the small streets.

12 apostles.jpg

Tour of the Twelve Apostles

Winter: ~ 11: 30
Summer: ~ 15: 30

Eight rock formations towering along the long coastline were gradually formed as winds and violent waves from Antarctica shattered the coast. Enjoy the mysterious and magnificent view of a tower standing in the sea.


Rockard Gorge Tragedy Cove

Winter: ~ 16: 15
Summer: ~ 12: 15

A cove (gorge) where the British ship "Rockard" was wrecked in the 19th century, and two men and women who survived were said to have swam to reach it. Surrounded by cliffs on both sides, it is a beautiful beach that looks like a hideaway.


Arrival in Melbourne

19: 00-20: 00

Get off at each hotel