FAQ and Conditions of Participation

Please see below a list of our most FAQ

Question 1) Is it possible to participate in the tour alone?

Answer 1) You can. However, if another customer has made a reservation for the specified tour on the specified day. On the contrary, we may make a suggestion from here, saying, "If it's XX days, you can participate in a tour with a reservation." The Great Ocean Road Tour will not be conducted without at least 3 tour participants, but for other tours, if there is only one other applicant (including you), The tour will be held, so please check by phone anyway.

Chartered tours are available on a case-by-case basis, but it depends on the number of people. Please consider that it will be extra for a small number of people. We recommend that you consult with us in advance.

Question 2) Is there a child fee?

Answer 2) There is. From 3 to 12 years old, Penguins, Dandenong and Winery tours are AU $ 85 and Great Ocean Road tours are AU $ 85. There is also a $ 10 discount on student discounts for students aged 13 to 17 years.

Question 3) What are the other discount systems?

Answer 3) You can get a $ 5 discount if you book online, and a $ 5 discount if you bring a guidebook that introduces John Tour. However, the discount is limited to one tour. If you book more than 2 tours, we will automatically give you a $ 5 discount for the second and subsequent tours.

Question 4) How many participants are there?

Answer 4) About 2 to 11 people. During the season, there are many cases of 8 or more people, but during the off-season, there are many times of 5 to 7 people. Unlike other tours, it is not a large group tour. Please note that there are cases where even two people can take the tour and cases where it is not.

Question 5) Are all the participants Japanese?

Answer 5) 99% of the tour participants are Japanese. Non-Japanese people can participate, but it is rare. Even if they participate, most of them are Chinese, Korean, and Australian friends who are Japanese participants.

Question 6) Is John Tour only in Japanese?

Answer 6) Basically, we will guide you only in Japanese. However, English tours are available if you wish.

Question 7) Do you have a daily tour?

Answer 7) Basically, it is open all year round as long as you have a reservation. Please check by e-mail or phone.

Question 8) Do penguins come out every day?

Answer 8) I go out every day for a year. There are some variations in the numbers depending on the season, but they go fishing in the sea every day, no matter what. Rain or vandalism does not affect the number of penguins that appear in the parade.

Question 9) Is the Penguins Parade cold? Is it okay if it rains?

Answer 9) If there is no wind, you will not feel so cold, but since it is a coastline, it is better to think that the temperature change is rather drastic. We also have blankets, but it's best to have warm clothes ready. Rain does not affect the parade.

Question 10) When will you pay?

Answer 10) During the tour, the guide will collect the money at the right time.

Question 11) Do you have a pick-up at the hotel?

Answer 11) If you are staying at a hotel in the CITY area (CBD) of Melbourne, or if you are staying at a hotel within a few kilometers, we will pick you up. Most hotels in Melbourne are covered but may not be picked up due to traffic conditions, so we will ask you to pick up at a designated hotel nearby. -Please understand! --If you are staying at a hotel far from the CITY area, you may be asked to meet at the designated place (in front of the hotel in the CITY area). This is the same when sending.

Question 12) Can I book more than one tour a day?

Answer 12) For groups of 3 or more, it is possible to combine two tours other than the Great Ocean Road Tour. For example, Dandenong tours and wineries, wineries and penguins, Dandenong and penguins, city tours and penguins. Please contact us as the cost depends on how the tour is organized.

If you do not receive an answer, please contact us using the inquiry form.